Nylon zipper

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  • CF-O-4 (OPEN END NO#4)


Category:Nylon zipper

Product specifications:
Selection of tooth color:
1. Matching teeth 2. Transparent teeth 3. Electroplating teeth
Can choose reverse wear and waterproof (TPU or Korean version) cloth tape process

Applicable Scope:
1. Light jacket or heavy cotton coat;
2. Knitwear coats;
3. Work and labor protection services;
4. Footwear;
5. Handbags, backpacks, suitcases;
6. Bedding;
7. Outdoor clothing and light tents;
8. #8 above can be used for outdoor tents or sunshade.

YBS zipper performance test standard
Lateral strength of fastener 400 Operation force/N 5
Slider over top stop/N 70 Slider against bottom stop/N 50
Slider over single top stop/box side/N 60 Lateral strength of open end/N 80
Box pull off strength/2-way OE box pull off/N 80 Slider puller pull off/N 65
Binding force of pull sheet/N 120 Puller twist/N.M 0.3
Slider mouth opening force/N 58 Slider locking/N 30
opening/closing movement / times 600 Member slippage/N N/A
coating adhesion 1. There is no change in collision test; 2. There is no change in washability after one time, and the allowable corner wear is less than 2mm after three times
color fastness Dry and wet friction, washability 4 grade
Neutral salt spray test There is no corrosion on the surface for 24 hours, and slight discoloration is allowed