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YBS Zipper Group

YBS Zipper Group, more than 40 years of international brand production history, for the future development has laid a solid technical foundation. In 1989, YBS was born and became the second largest zipper brand in the world after more than 10 years of unremitting efforts. YBS products are exported to 139 countries and regions and have registered its shining trademark in 38 countries.

YBS zipper get C&A (across Europe department store), GALLERY (American super importers), K mart (chain stores in the United States all over the world), JC Penney (chain stores in the United States all over the world), ANDREW MARC (American garment importers), WOOLWORTH PLC (British department store building) throughout Europe, WAL - mart, g-iii, K&R Sportswear Inc., Walter Jerome Inc, DAVID PEYSER With SPORTSWEAR, INC., Arcadia Group Brands Ltd., and other SPORTSWEAR manufacturers in Europe and the U.S.  

YBS zipper has passed the inspection by the Better Fiber Inspection Bureau of the United States, ITS Hong Kong Co., LTD., TNO Leather and footwear Testing Institute of the Netherlands, Korea Textile Testing Institute and other authoritative institutions, meeting the quality requirements of ASTM, JIS, KS and OKo-TEX environmental protection requirements.

YBS Zipper Group founded in 1997, produces and sells rubber teeth, metal, nylon, invisible and other products. It is the only manufacturer invested by YBS Zipper Group in South China. With an investment of HK $10 million and annual gross domestic product of HK $40 million.

YBS Zipper Group owns advanced equipment, strong technical foundation and modern business philosophy of YBS; Based on the enterprise spirit of "creation and development, integration and collaboration, responsibility and practice", the company will extend the cultural spirit of YBS to make continuous progress and innovation. "YBS people" has always been adhering to the belief of "providing the best service for you" and adhering to the business tenet of "making contributions to the welfare of human beings", and has established a good reputation among customers.   


YBS Zipper Group guarantees quality, reasonable price, short term delivery and high quality service

Hope to be Your "Best Selection";

Dedicated to provide “Your Best Service”

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